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Various Field Types


There are many different purposes for a form and many types of data that can be collected. That is why our form builder solution offers various field types that can be easily dragged into the form template. This makes it quick and easy to make web forms that will gather the desired user data. Included are two types, channel inputs, and form elements. Channel inputs mean the information used to contact a specific channel, in this case, email, SMS, and fax. The form field will already be set up to collect email addresses, mobile numbers, and fax numbers and they will be added to your list with the proper headings. The form elements options include labels, text input, text box inputs, images, dropdowns, a checkbox, radio buttons, and spacers.


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To add fields to your form, start by going to the form builder dashboard and creating a new project. You will be asked to first choose your base template and then you can drag the channel inputs and form elements into the template from the top of the screen. Once the fields of choice are in your form you can arrange and customize each field. Select the field you want to change and the options become available on the right of the screen.
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