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Verify From Number


Before you can send a voice broadcasting campaign with our voicemail service, you need to verify the "From" number. This is the number of the sender (you).


To verify your number, you just need to enter it into the system then answer the call.


It only takes a few seconds to confirm and then you can use that number in your account for voice broadcasting.


The call you receive will explain that you need to enter the code that is listed on the screen.


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To verify the number that you will be sending from with our voicemail service, start at the voice dashboard.


On the campaign creation screen, there will be a button that says "+Add New From Number." Click that and a box pops up to enter your name and number.


Once you enter the information and click "Call Me to Verify" you will see a unique code on the screen to prove that you made the request.


Your phone will ring and you will be asked to enter the code that is on the screen. Once you do, your number is verified.


Once verified, you can use this number as the "From" number that all messages will be sent from.


A "From" number is important so that message receivers know who is trying to contact them.


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