SimplyCast - Access Informative Reports

Access Informative Reports

Users of SimpyCast’s low-code/no-code automated mass calling system can view informative reports of the voice campaigns they have sent.

Each report is broken down into nine columns of information covering all aspects of the campaign. If there are enough reports developed for your mass calling system, they will be displayed over multiple pages in the Reports dashboard which can be navigated using the search bar. This bar allows users to navigate quickly between a vast library of reports and locate the desired information.

Filtering tools also allow users to display reports based on certain criteria they select. They can choose to view reports generated within a specific time frame, or on a specific date. Again, this helps a user effectively locate the report(s) they desire.

Once you have searched for, filtered, or otherwise located the report you wish to analyze, multiple options are available to the user. Within the Overview tab the user can see the number of queued, failed, sent voice messages (along with time sent), status, and price of the current campaign sent by the mass calling system.

The following section in the report displays the queued, failed, and sent messages graphically, in order to allow the user to interpret and compare the three values in a visual manner.

Following all this general information, is some more specific information regarding the contact list(s) used to send the voice campaign via the mass calling system, as well as specific information regarding queued calls and completed calls, allowing the user to complete a more in-depth analysis of specific calls.

We would like to also encourage the user to submit a demo request to see how SimplyCast’s mass calling system can work for them. Click the button below to request a demo!

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