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An easy-to-use editor is key to the creation process and that is why we provide a simple WYSIWYG editor to enter your welcome and thank you messages. WYSIWYG stands for What You See Is What You Get and it describes what you see when using the HTML editors. However you type it, style it and arrange it, is how the final product will look when you send.


The CKEditor, which SimplyCast provides as part of the online survey generator, is not only functional, flexible and fast but also innovative, smart and user friendly. The CKEditor interface is based on common desktop editing application concepts, making it intuitive to be understood and used.You can easily format with basic or advanced styling, add color and links. In terms of rich content, you can add images, flash content, tables, and other form creation options. Finally, there is spell checking and a handy undo feature.


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When you create a new project with our online survey generator, you enter in your questions and then move to the survey options screen. There you can create a custom welcome message and thank you message. Each has an editor where you can enter your content and style it how you want.
This type of editor is great for those who don't understand or want to dig into the HTML code. Think of it like using your favorite word processor but at the same time, it is being made to be able to be added to your online survey. Remember the editors are only used for the custom welcome and thank you messages.
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