Allow Clients to Use SMS to Find Schedules

Allow Clients to Use SMS to Find Schedules

Allow Clients to Use SMS to Find Schedules


  • Parents know that different sports facilities offer a number of different programs at different times of the year for different age groups, however it's difficult to know exactly what's happening for who, and when exactly. How can you let parents know about upcoming schedules efficiently without manually reaching out them one by one?

We Can Help

  • Make finding certain events easier
  • Use SMS to find events by age group

Here's How

By providing an SMS menu for upcoming events, parents can text in their child's age to learn about upcoming programs they would be eligible for. Further, each program can get its own sub-keyword and can provide further information about each program on request.

  1. Create a Keyword for the Sports Facility

    Create a keyword to use for all SMS communications from the facility. It's best to keep the keyword short and related to the facility.

  2. Create Decisions Based on Age

    The keyword can be texted along with the age of the child in question. In the SimplyCast 360 campaign, it can be configured to handle decisions based on age or schedule. The campaign can be created to have different options for every age.

  3. Design Content

    Go into the separate messages and insert the proper information for each age. Now, a user can text [KEYWORD] + age and get the programs available for that age automatically. They could also text [KEYWORD] +SCHEDULE and get the full, all-ages schedule directly to their phone.

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