Allow Customers to Check Your System Status

Allow Customers to Check Your System Status

Allow Customers to Check Your System Status


  • SMS gateways provide a critical sending service for different customers who purchase their service. From applications like SimplyCast to corporations running large-scale SMS efforts, these gateways must remain up as much as possible to ensure no interruptions to service. When interruptions to SMS gateway services do occur, how do you provide a resource for customers to check to give them peace of mind that you're aware and working to restore the system?

We Can Help

  • Provide customers with an automatic system check method
  • Make it faster and easier for customers to check system status

Here's How

By providing a shortcode keyword to let them know of outages both planned and unplanned, as well as providing an additional shortcode to check on the status of the service in real time you provide your customers piece of mind as well as proper communications.

  1. Set Up Your Keyword

    Set up a keyword (e.g. SMSGATEWAY) for users to subscribe to hear about outages. This allows users to opt in for communications and messages from you.

  2. Add an Operator

    Add the operator STATUS so that when SMSGATEWAY STATUS is texted the current status is provided. Users can now text you when they need to get the system status automatically.

  3. Keep Outages Updated

    Now every time there is an outage all you have to do is go into the SimplyCast campaign and change the response text to SMSGATEWAY STATUS to reflect whatever the issue is.

  4. Keep Users Updated Outside of Them Texting You

    You can also send scheduled SMS blasts to subscribers when expecting outages or when outages have occurred unexpectedly. This way you keep users updated without them having to text you.

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