Attract More Prospects, Easily Manage Meetings

Attract More Prospects, Easily Manage Meetings


  • Attracting more prospects for events, reducing meeting cancellation, simplifying administrative work, and saving time and money are all things companies strive for when hosting an event for leads and prospects. How can you achieve this by leveraging effective customer relationship management advantages and automation?

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Using a simple signup process and repeated email and SMS reminders helps retain quality meetings and maximizes your activity. Meeting reminders keep guests up to date and increase the number of prospects that go into your sales funnel. Enabling prospects to choose how they prefer to be contacted, by SMS or email, makes reminders convenient for each prospect.

  1. Set Up an RSVP Process

    Create a RSVP process using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. Give clients and prospects a selection of communication methods so each person can select their preferred method. By offering multiple channels of communication you ensure that each prospect and client receives your reminders.

  2. Invite Hundreds of Prospects with One Click

    Send out a detailed invitation before the meeting. Include the invitation signup link in the invitation email. By automating the signup process you save time since you do not have to organize all of the attendee information.

  3. Connect with Prospects Through Their Preferred Method

    When each prospect signs up, they should be able to select their preferred mode of communication. This information is stored so that each prospect receives meeting messages in the way that is most convenient for them.

  4. Automatically Re-connect with Prospects Who Have Dropped Off

    If a prospect has not engaged with the meeting invitation, it is sent again. You can repeat this process several times for any prospects who have not responded.

  5. Keep Prospects and Clients Informed with Personalized Messages

    Prospects and clients who have signed up to attend the meeting are tagged so they will receive specific meeting messages after that point. These attendees will receive a thank you email or text message with more information about the meeting. This message serves to confirm their event registration.

  6. Increase Attendance with Reminders

    As the meeting approaches, reminders are sent out to attendees through email or SMS. Automatically send out these reminders so your staff doesn't have to take the time to update guests.

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