Automate the Work Request System

Automate the Work Request System


  • Customers of utility companies will occasionally require in-home installations and repairs to be performed on their homes in order for them to enjoy the services provided by the utility company. Effectively planning these appointments and getting feedback can be a time-consuming task.

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SimplyCast 360 is capable of storing information of contractors to be contacted when a customer issues a work request through the website. Contractors and customers are connected using automated emails in either direction. A satisfaction system is made available after the customer notifies that the work has been done.

  1. Find Contractors

    Have a form on your site where contractors can sign up to offer you their services. When a contractor signs up on the site, their resume and contact information are stored in the SimplyCast CRM. They are also divided into different lists depending upon what type of work they do (e.g. plumbing, electrical, etc.).

  2. Have a Separate Form for Customers

    Customers fill out forms on your website requesting work to be done by a contractor. This sends an automated email to contractors on the list that correspond to the type that the customer has requested. This email contains the information from the customer signup form for the contractor to contact them and set up an appointment.

  3. Get Feedback

    The customer is given an email immediately upon their work request submission to indicate when the work will be done. When they indicate the job is done, they are automatically sent an email containing a satisfaction survey form. This form sends numerical values to the SimplyCast CRM and gives the contractor a score. This is used for quality control purposes and gives the utility company insight into who is performing quality work and who should be removed from their database.

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