Boost Student Voting During Elections

Boost Student Voting During Elections


  • Student participation in student union elections is important to ensuring a fair electoral process. The more students who vote, the more the entirety of the student body is likely to be represented. How can you connect with students in a way that is convenient for them, ensuring they turn up to vote on election day?

We Can Help

  • Get more students to vote increase
  • Simplify the voting process

Here's How

Enable students to quickly and easily receive election information at their fingertips by using SMS messages.

  1. Set Up a Simple SMS Messaging Process

    Create an SMS messaging process using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. Set up an online voting service through your website or a third party that enables students to vote for their preferred candidate.

  2. Reach Students Instantly with Quick and Convenient Messages

    To join your message flow, all a student has to do is text SCVoter to a designated shortcode. Making the signup process easy means that more students will sign up to receive messages. As soon as the student signs up, they receive a thank you message with a list of candidates and voting rules.

  3. Keep Students Engaged Throughout the Election Process

    Ensure that students don't lose interest by sending them informative and fun messages during the election campaign. You can create a series of messages in advance, which will send out to students over time. Messages include candidate bios and information, event invitations, activity outlines, candidate policies, and more.

  4. Gain High Voter Turnout with Timely Reminders

    Leading up to election day, each student will receive a series of friendly reminders about the date and time when voting is open. One of the main reasons students don't vote is they forget about it. Automated reminders will keep the election fresh in their minds and encourage them to vote.

  5. Easily Collect Votes From Each Student

    When voting day arrives, a message is sent out to each student enabling them to vote directly from their mobile phone. The student simply clicks the link to the voting site (set up in step one) in the automated SMS message to vote for their preferred candidate. The voting process is quick, simple, and accurate.

  6. Follow Up with Students After the Election

    Once the election is over, an automated message is sent out to every student who voted letting them know who the winning candidate is.

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