Centralized Jobsite Tracking

Centralized Jobsite Tracking


  • Companies can face several key challenges when it comes to managing construction projects such as displaying the status of jobsite projects and managing workers across many jobsites.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of a Centralized Jobsite Project Tracking use case, a process which ensures that operations executives can manage jobsite projects through one central interface.

We Can Help

  • Manage jobsites from a map interface
  • Simplify how key workers are organized
  • Reduce the time it takes to determine the status of jobsites

Here's How

The streamlined jobsite tracking process begins when a new jobsite's project is added, adding it to a map and allowing it to be updated as it progresses.

  1. Workforce Scheduling

    Jobsite managers can manage schedules through a dynamic interface that keeps track of the number of workers needed for each shift, who is currently working, and any necessary specialists.

  2. Jobsite Dashboard

    Using information submitted when new jobsite projects are added, all jobsites can be tracked via a central dashboard.

  3. Project Tracking

    All jobsites are marked on a map, with icons that update based on the status of the project at that location.

  4. Staff Recalls

    When additional specialists are needed, they can easily be called to the jobsite using existing records and specific filters.

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Use Case Identification for Centralized Jobsite Tracking

Use Case ID: OUC006


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