Check-in, Check-out

Check-in, Check-out


  • Companies are facing several challenges when it comes to managing COVID-19 check-in processes where risk questionnaires are involved.

    In order to address the challenges, SimplyCast presents the Check-in Check-out use case, a system which allows both staff and visitors to check into and out of locations while also enabling check-in questionnaires to be included as part of the check-in process.

We Can Help

  • Keep track of all visitors to several locations
  • Simplify the COVID-19 check-in process
  • Allow visitors to check in using their smartphones

Here's How

SimplyCast’s Check-in Check-out use case aims to help companies to streamline the way that they manage their check-in and check-outs, by making use of forms and landing pages to create a process that can ask any questions required by local regulations when staff and visitors arrive or depart from any given location.

  1. QR Landing Page

    When individuals arrive at relevant sites, they can scan a QR code to start the process and indicate if they are checking in or out.

  2. Questionnaire

    Those who are checking in can be presented with a COVID-19-related questionnaire based on regional requirements. Visitors can also be asked for any important contact information.

  3. Dynamic Results

    Based on the answers that come in, visitors and staff will be presented with a page that confirms whether they are cleared to proceed, which they can show to security or reception.

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