Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment

Combat Shopping Cart Abandonment


  • E-commerce companies rely on customers following through on their purchases of items they've added to their shopping carts. But what if customers aren't converting? How do you re-engage customers who abandon their shopping carts without manually having to engage with each individual?

We Can Help

  • Reduce customer drop-off
  • Re-engage customers
  • Minimize lost revenue

Here's How

Easily synchronize your e-commerce site with SimplyCast's CRM to automatically identify customers who have fallen off and re-engage them with personalized targeted messages.

  1. Set Up a Simple Re-engagement Process

    Connect your e-commerce website to the SimplyCast CRM using the integration manager to synchronize your contact data. This is a quick and simple process and we have FAQs and customer support to help you. Create a re-engagement process using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. After a customer abandons their shopping cart for a set period of time, they will be automatically entered into this flow to encourage them to complete their purchase.

  2. Identify Customers Who Have Fallen Off While Shopping

    The system uses tags to check which page each customer has fallen off on. You can see who stopped shopping in the middle of a purchase, what time the customer fell off, and what they were shopping for.

  3. Reconnect with Customers Through Personalized Enticement Messages

    Since you know exactly what the customer was shopping for and where they fell off, you can follow up with highly relevant messages, coupons, or free shipping. Targeted messages increase engagement and conversions, so there is a good chance you can get customers to complete their purchases by enticing them with personalized messages. Follow-up messages also include basic help tips and support information in case the customer fell off due to complications with the purchase process or payment. You can also send a survey asking why the customer abandoned their shopping cart.

  4. Thank Customers Who Have Completed Their Purchases

    If a customer does complete the purchase process after receiving the re-engagement emails, a thank you message is sent out right away to let the customer know you appreciate their business. This email confirms that the customer's purchase has gone through successfully and provides any additional information that is needed, such as tracking information.

  5. Personally Follow Up with Customers Who Did Not Purchase

    It is important to follow up with customers who do not respond to the re-engagement emails. You want to know why these customers abandoned their shopping carts and were not interested in follow-up offers. Your system will automatically identify any customers who did not respond. In addition to sending a survey, a reminder task will be sent to your staff asking them to personally reach out to the customer.

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