Construction Project Plan Disruption Notifications

Construction Project Plan Disruption Notifications


  • Many companies struggle to adapt plans quickly when faced with a disruption. The quicker contractors can be notified, the sooner plans can be updated, minimizing lost time and resources.

    The streamlined process begins by collecting contact information for relevant contractors and stakeholders, so alerts can be sent to them as needed.

We Can Help

  • Store records of on-site contractors
  • Ensure that disruption adjustments are made quickly and effectively
  • Minimize the potential for delay pileups due to miscommunication

Here's How

By making use of digital technology, companies can alert contractors of disruptions, identify issues that delays are causing, and disseminate updated plans as desired, displaying all information on a centralized dashboard.

  1. Jobsite Alerts

    Online forms can be used to collect the contact information of key contractor contacts and add them to a list that can be used to contact all contracting vendors involved on a jobsite.

  2. Disruption Responses

    When a disruption occurs, an alert can be sent to all contractors or vendor contacts to alert them of the need to update their plans.

    This alert serves to notify the entire chain of contacts that there are new updated deadlines coming, in order to minimize any possible disorganization.

  3. Contractor Responses

    Once an alert has been sent out, a live survey can be sent to all contractors asking them to provide updates on how the disruption is affecting them and/or their team, in order to aid with the creation of new plans in the event of a disruption.

  4. Plan Updates

    Once the company has evaluated the situation and determined a new plan, they can use the same alert system to send out details of that new plan to all contractors and vendor contacts.

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