Coordinate Staff Members

Coordinate Staff Members

Coordinate Staff Members


  • There is a lot to do at an auction house: ensure that items are prepared for their big day, whether that means appraisals or restorations; attract an audience of potential buyers; take care of normal day-to-day operations, such as communicating with suppliers, and answering emails and phone calls. If you have a large staff, its very easy for tasks to overlap and some employees may take on tasks that other employees are already working on. How can you ensure that you maximize your communication to employees so that you don't have multiple employees working on a task where only one would do?

We Can Help

  • Avoid task repetition
  • Assign tasks automatically
  • Ensure task completion is communicated

Here's How

Through the use of automation software, you have the ability to assign tasks to singular employees automatically, and thus ensure that there is no redundancy in who completes what. You also have the ability to send out an email automatically whenever a task is completed to make sure that your entire team is on the same page within a given aspect of your business.

  1. Assign a Task to an Employee

    Using your pre-existing employee management software, you can use an inbound API to transfer the relevant information into the automation system. When data is imported, you can automatically assign a task to a specific employee, and the workflow will be stopped until the task is completed.

  2. Send an Email to Relevant Parties

    When the task is marked as completed within the CRM, an email will then be sent out to any parties that you deem relevant, informing them that the given task has been done. This can be a great way to affirm that any tasks which may be time-sensitive can be completed on schedule, without needing to manually follow up regarding them.

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