Course Information

Course Information

Course Information


  • Many continuing education companies face challenges with ensuring that their clients are aware of courses, including making it easy for prospective learners to request more information and efficiently following-up with those who complete courses. SimplyCast offers the Course Information solution, a personalized communication system that uses automation to improve engagement by sending course details to clients and prospective learners dynamically. By adapting to the recipient, messages can be made more appropriate and more engaging.

We Can Help

  • Minimize time spent responding to information inquiries
  • Maintain regular communications with clients
  • Encourage learners to take new courses

Here's How

SimplyCast’s Course Information use case uses dynamic emails, digital forms, and powerful automation to create a streamlined solution for ensuring that learners are kept aware of course offerings with minimal day-to-day management and oversight, saving time and allowing continuing education companies to more efficiently manage their resources.

  1. Step 1

    Information request forms associated with each course offered make it easy for prospective learners to request and be sent information.

  2. Step 2

    When courses are completed, follow-up messages about next steps and related courses can be sent to encourage learners to take more courses.

  3. Step 3

    The messages sent to learners can be automatically personalized based on any information that is recorded about them, allowing messages to be as engaging as possible.

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Use Case Identification for Course Information

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