COVID-19 Preparedness for Universities

COVID-19 Preparedness for Universities

COVID-19 Preparedness for Universities


  • Universities need to keep track of large amounts of information, and many staff and students. COVID-19 has added new layers of information that has to be tracked as part of mandatory public health guidelines. This adds to the workload of everyone in the office, in ways that might be difficult to accommodate.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of a COVID-19 Preparedness use case, a process which can ensure check-in processes are constructed and that vaccination information can be stored for public health.

We Can Help

  • Comply with mandatory public health protocols
  • Reduce the risk of COVID-19 exposures
  • Keep contact information secure with an ISO 27001:2013-certified service provider

Here's How

By using automation tools and QR codes, COVID-19 tracking and information storage is easier to manage and quicker to access in the event of a public health request.

  1. QR Code Check-in

    Manual screening creates chokepoints on campus where people will gather. Instead, set up QR codes around campus that students can scan to check themselves into the location.

  2. Confirmation Message

    This message confirms a check-in, or in the case of a vaccine status check, a vaccine record confirmation. This can be used in instances where campus access is controlled, or professors require it.

  3. Follow-up Message

    Additional messages can be sent to remind students of public health guidelines and university policies.

  4. Comprehensive Reports

    Reports can be used to confirm check-ins are being completed, as well as build lists of information in the event of an outbreak.

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Use Case Identification for COVID-19 Preparedness for Universities

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