Data Erasure Request

Data Erasure Request


  • Software companies handle lots of data for their clients. Occasionally, they receive a request to remove information related to a specific individual from their software. Complying with the request is necessary for regulatory reasons, but a careful process has to be followed to ensure the requestor has the authority to do so.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of a Data Erasure Request use case, a system which allows software companies to easily process data erasure requests by pre-defining their internal process.

We Can Help

  • Track all active data erasure requests​
  • Simplify the communication process between departments​
  • Ensure all data erasure requests are completed​

Here's How

SimplyCast’s Data Erasure Request use case aims to help software-as-a-service companies to ensure they are able to easily process data erasure requests through an easily tracked process.

  1. Request Forms

    Digital forms can be accessed online and allow data erasure requests to be submitted easily.

  2. Internal Notifications

    Once the process starts, at each stage internal notifications can be sent to ensure the process continues as required. This ensures both identity verification and data erasure occur.

  3. Identity Verification

    Account managers or similarly authorized individuals can be contacted as part of this process to manually verify the identity of the individual requesting erasure.

  4. Tracking Pipelines

    In order to ensure the process is working properly, tracking pipelines can be used to view progress and ensure the requests are completed.

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Use Case Identification for Data Erasure Request

Use Case ID: UC0000015


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