Deliver Stock Information

Deliver Stock Information

Deliver Stock Information


  • Throughout the course of the day, the stock market undergoes many fluctuations. If you're an investment broker, you need to keep a careful eye on these fluctuations so as to deliver the best recommendations to your clients, who likely aren't as savvy as you are. How can you make sure that your clientele knows how their stocks are doing at a glance, without needing to sift through non-relevant information?

We Can Help

  • Inform clients about stocks
  • Send timely text messages to key clients

Here's How

By automating an SMS message to send out at a pre-determined point during the day, such as the opening or closing of trading, you can deliver only the relevant information to your clients in an easily digestible and personalized format. You can use merge tags to include any number of stocks and financial data, providing an even further personalized experience for your clients.

  1. Gather Stock Information

    Through the use of an inbound API, you can gather all of the stock market information you need, regardless of how much activity there has been in the market during a given day.

  2. Check the CRM for Merge Tags

    Your CRM will then proceed to check for merge tags indicating what stock information a given client may be interested in.

  3. Send an SMS Message

    An automated message containing the relevant information will then be sent out to your clients' cell phones. Sending information in such an interactive form will go a long way towards maintaining a consistent rapport with your clients.

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