Digital Adoption Program

Digital Adoption Program

Digital Adoption Program


  • While many digital adoption programs exist, many have not yet found a way to leverage digital tools to streamline their own program processes. This prevents such programs from reaching their full potential.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of the Digital Adoption Program use case, a complete solution for helping businesses connect with experts and technology solutions, ensuring they can make the most out of digital adoption programs.

We Can Help

  • Simplify the application process
  • Connect businesses with advisors
  • Make it easy for staff to process reimbursement requests

Here's How

By automatically sorting qualified applicants through web forms and decisions, and connecting program representatives with qualified applicants, key communications can be streamlined with the help of automated decision making and conditional messaging.

  1. Program Application

    When new application submissions come in, staff can automatically be notified in an email of the new submission and its details. A contact profile is also generated for easy record-keeping and reporting purposes.

  2. Application Evaluation

    Once the application is sent in and a staff member is notified, the application can be tracked through a pipeline process as it goes through evaluation. If an applicant does not qualify for the program, they can be filtered out automatically.

  3. Digital Advisors

    Once an applicant is approved, they can be progressed to the next stage of the process to be put in contact with a digital advisor. Digital advisors can work with businesses to identify new technology opportunities for the business.

  4. Reimbursement Process

    Once a business has found and acquired new technology, they can fill out a form with all the required details to submit their reimbursement claim.

    Because the records all exist in once place, it streamlines the review process and makes it simple for reviewing administrators to evaluate claims and disburse funds.

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