Donor Engagement

Donor Engagement


  • Numerous organizations rely on donor support to continue operations, and donors require communication and transparency more now than ever before. The quicker this process takes place, the more likely the organization is to preserve relationships with repeat donors and even increase donation amounts.

    These lines of communication become risky and damaging if done manually for too long. As the organization grows, miscommunication, forgotten messages, and lost responses can become a reputational hazard.

We Can Help

  • Engage donors
  • Preserve relationships
  • Increase donation amounts

Here's How

By employing email marketing principles to an automated, responsive, and personalized outreach plan, this solution helps to build personal relationships no matter how many contacts you have.

  1. Donor Database

    Online forms can be used to collect donor information, storing it in a centralized and easy-to-access location. You can then further segment that database into lists of donors of varying types as well, to specialize your messaging.

  2. Construct Messages

    A series of donor engagement message templates is created in advance. Areas can be marked in these templates where personalization is needed. The time when each of the message templates will be sent can also be scheduled in advance.

  3. Automated Messages

    Once message templates are built and times when each one of them are triggered are set, the automated solution will take care of sending messages to donors.

  4. Donor Response

    In this step, the donor will have to take action after receiving a personalized engagement message.

    For instance, if the donor receives the message via email and wants to donate some money, they can simply click on the “Donate Now” button and proceed to donate.

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