Easily Promote Your Law Firm

Easily Promote Your Law Firm

Easily Promote Your Law Firm


  • Promoting your law firm effectively and boosting awareness without spending too much time marketing is a challenge for many law firms. How can your firm easily find out what legal services clients are looking for?

We Can Help

  • Attract new clients
  • Send messages to existing clients at key times
  • Nurture prospective clients

Here's How

Use surveys and track interactions to learn what services leads are interested in. Build connections with new leads through automated social media campaigns and personally targeted content.

  1. Set Up a Simple Promotion Campaign

    Create a simple awareness campaign using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. You can engage your subscribers with different communication methods, such as SMS and email. Subscribers can specify their preferred method of communication, so this way they get information in the form you know they will read.

  2. Personally Connect with Clients with a Single Click

    An email with a survey is sent to all current clients to gain insight into which services they may require. Messages are automatically segmented based on information in your clients’ personal profiles, eliminating the time you need to spend organizing. This message provides information and helps you learn what your clients are looking for. Your existing clients are the best source of referrals and word of mouth marketing.

  3. Quickly Gain Feedback About What Your Clients Need

    The survey included in the email provides a quick and simple way for your clients to tell you what they need. When they complete the survey, their information is collected and added to their personal profile so you can learn more about how to effectively reach each client. Based on what services they selected, each client will receive a unique follow-up email that provides more information on the services they are interested in.

  4. Reach a Wider Audience with Automated Twitter Awareness Campaign

    Twitter provides a great space for you to share information and reach out to new potential clients. Create a series of tweets and set them to be posted over time. Scheduled tweets go out at organic times throughout the day so they don’t look robotic, and consistent tweeting keeps your legal services top of mind.

  5. Continue the Conversation with Automated Facebook Awareness Campaign

    Facebook is another great platform for connecting with new potential clients. Your automated posts will target specific audiences based on age, gender, and location. Schedule your Facebook posts to go out after a slight delay following your tweets. This continues the awareness campaign without pushing out too much information at once. Engaging potential leads over multiple social media platforms as well as email enables potential leads to connect with you in the most convenient way for them.

  6. Personally Nurture Your Leads to Build a Stronger Relationship

    Once you begin to interact with some leads, you can move them into a lead nurturing campaign. As you learn more about their needs and interests, you can target them more effectively with personalized messages.

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