Ensure Follow-Up with Hot Prospects

Ensure Follow-Up with Hot Prospects

Ensure Follow-Up with Hot Prospects


  • If you work for a large company, its likely that you have many prospects in your sales funnel. Whether due to being part of a specific industry, or having established a connection with them at a networking event, you may want to mark them as hot prospects in your CRM. How can you make sure that designating a prospect as hot creates actionable items to help close a sale?

We Can Help

  • Mark prospects as hot leads
  • Create follow-up tasks for hot prospects
  • Detect changes to start a workflow

Here's How

Through the use of the Contact Changed element, whenever you toggle a contact's status as a hot prospect, you can ensure that a task is created for a member of your team within the CRM. This ensures that the prospect will be promptly followed up with.

  1. Toggle a Prospect's Heat Level

    In your CRM, visit the contact profile of a specific prospect and toggle their status to hot. The Contact Changed element will recognize this metadata change and start the workflow. With a Duplicate Filter, you can ensure that additional tasks will not be created if a prospect's status is toggled back to normal.

  2. Create a Task Within your CRM

    Using the Pause & Wait for CRM Task element, you can assign a task to a specific member of your team. You can use this element multiple times if you want to create a new task each time the previous one is completed, which is helpful in the event of a multi-stage sales process.

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