Entertain and Engage Event-goers

Entertain and Engage Event-goers

Entertain and Engage Event-goers


  • Whether you're hosting an event, or just want an additional way to engage with and entertain your audience, a trivia contest is a great way to do it. Given your limited resources, how can you ensure that as many people can take part as possible, whether before or during the event itself?

We Can Help

  • Create interactive trivia contests
  • Simplify the participation process

Here's How

If you give your audience the ability to participate through their computers by filling out a form, or mobile phones by texting a shortcode, you can experience more engagement than if you simply handed out materials. Utilizing a channel that most everyone attending already has access to will save you time and money in the long run, while still being able to maintain a personalized touch.

  1. Answering a Question

    Upon displaying a question in advance, people at home would be able to fill out a form that was linked through your newsletter or landing page with their answer, and on the day of the event, audience members could text their answer to a shortcode. You can place a delay on the entries of those who filled out the form until a specific time, so as to process everyone's answers at once in order to ensure fairness. If the answer is incorrect, they receive an SMS communication indicating it as such. If, however, the answer is correct, they will be sent an SMS indicating that it is correct.

  2. Creating a List of Potential Winners

    When someone gives you the correct answer, SimplyCast 360 will update the audience member's information in the CRM and add them to a list as having provided the correct answer. At the same time, you can send them another SMS telling them that they have been entered, along with the other providers of the correct answer, into a raffle for a prize.

  3. Selecting a Winner

    You can then enter the CRM and select a winner at randomĀ from among those who have been added to the list as having given the correct answer, and send the ultimate winner a text message indicating that they've won, and where to pick up their prize.

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