Find Clients with Social Media

Find Clients with Social Media

Find Clients with Social Media


  • Law firms live and die by not only their successes in the courtroom, but the amount and types of clients that they're able to represent. In the digital age, communication has changed, and while many people still need lawyers for a variety of things, these results are reactive rather than proactive. How can law firms use new technologies to find clients, and vice-versa?

We Can Help

  • Capturing new clients
  • Drive interest through social media

Here's How

By creating and maintaining accounts on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, law firms can utilize what may be seen as a novelty in regards to the industry to establish relationships with people in their area, and when the time comes for advice or representation, people will remember their interactions and reach out.

  1. Create Social Media Campaigns

    Marketing automation software can automate any number of posts across different social media platforms, and can periodically share a link to a signup form. By sharing advice and expertise, as well as any relevant content or opinions, a law firm can create a great inbound marketing strategy to get people interested in their brand. It should be noted that social media campaigns should not be linked to other parts of a workflow, because they are not something that should ever end.

  2. Create and Send a Newsletter

    What is a law firm to do with the information they’ve gathered from that signup form? There are many things possible, but the most useful may be to create a newsletter, keeping those who signed up in the loop with content that may be too long for social media. A newsletter for those who have signed up is a good way to generate a stronger relationship and further interest; free consultations can be offered as an incentive to those who are subscribed to help target key leads as opposed to opening up the floodgates with general social media posts.

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