Food Bank Delivery Reminders

Food Bank Delivery Reminders

Food Bank Delivery Reminders


  • Many food banks face challenges in managing the communications associated with their deliveries. These challenges include the time it takes to send reminders and making it easy for clients to reschedule. SimplyCast offers the Food Bank Delivery Reminders solution, a system which makes use of engagement and automation tools to create a personalized communication process which ensures clients are aware of deliveries and given an opportunity to reschedule.

We Can Help

  • Remind clients ahead of deliveries
  • Reduce time spent confirming deliveries
  • Allow clients to easily reschedule deliveries

Here's How

SimplyCast’s Foodbank Delivery Reminders use case makes use of API connectivity, the ability to send text message and phone call-based reminders, and automation which makes it easy for clients to reschedule.

  1. Step 1

    Integrate scheduling software to your automation tools in order to send reminder messages to everyone who books a delivery

  2. Step 2

    Allow the delivery requestor to indicate a preferred method of contact. Their reminders will be sent to them based on that preference of email, SMS, or voice messages.

  3. Step 3

    Allow requestors to cancel their order by responding to their reminder in a specific way, such as pressing 1 on a voice message or texting "CANCEL" in response to an SMS

  4. Step 4

    Offer the requestor a means to reschedule their order for a better time, regardless of the means of communication.

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