Gain More Leads with Simple Signup

Gain More Leads with Simple Signup

Gain More Leads with Simple Signup


  • It's important to be able to provide a quick and convenient way for leads to sign up to your communication flows without having to fill out a complicated web form.

We Can Help

  • Gain more leads
  • Simplify the signup process
  • Connect to personalized processes

Here's How

Optimize the signup process by creating a simple SMS shortcode signup that leads can use right from their cell phone.

  1. Set Up a Simple Shortcode Process

    Create an SMS shortcode signup process using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. You can send different relevant information to each lead based on their SMS response. Leads will receive a different flow of messages based on their interests. Collecting email addresses this way gives you another way to connect with your contacts over time with more detailed information, based on the campaign you are running.

  2. Capture Lead with Information at Their Fingertips

    Have customers send their email address to your SMS shortcode. If the leads email is already in your system, they will receive a reminder message such as "We see you've already signed up! Thanks for your interest." The lead is then entered into the personalized message flow.

  3. Automatically Organize Leads with Personal Profiles

    Once a lead texts in the keyword of their choice, the lead is registered by the system. A welcome message is sent out thanking the lead for signing up. Each lead has a personal profile in the CRM and is entered into the appropriate communication flow. This means that each lead will receive a specific set of messages based on their interactions with your messages. The lead may decide how they prefer to be contacted for convenience, either by SMS or email. This information is stored and can be updated at any time.

  4. Engage Your Leads with Fun, Personalized Messages

    After a few days, send a coupon to each lead to reward them for signing up. Coupons, helpful tips, and other engaging messages keep leads interested and lead to higher open rates.

  5. Easily Identify Hot Leads and Target Their Interests

    As the lead interacts with your content, they are tracked. A personal profile is built up based on the information collected so you can learn more about the lead and send them relevant messages. You can tag and score the lead based on their message interactions and website activity. Tags and scores help you determine how hot or interested a lead is. Based on the quality of the lead, your sales team will know who to follow up with.

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