Gain Real Feedback and Build Loyalty

Gain Real Feedback and Build Loyalty

Gain Real Feedback and Build Loyalty


  • In order to give your veterinary customers what they want, you need to find out what they like about your services, what they need for their pets and if they will provide a recommendation. HOw can you get this information both easily and efficiently?

We Can Help

  • Learn more about customer needs
  • Improve service
  • Boost customer satisfaction

Here's How

Send out simple surveys after each customer's appointment to learn more about their needs. Use their feedback to improve your services.

  1. Set Up a Simple Survey

    Create a veterinary survey using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. Ask if customers need pet training assistance, diet advice, or exercise suggestions. Ask how they found out about your service and if they would consider providing a recommendation. Ask what they think about your office and your staff. To increase the chances that customers will complete the survey, provide an incentive like a coupon for 50% off a grooming service or a free bag of pet food.

  2. Easily Gather Feedback That You Can Use

    The survey is triggered to send out to each customer after their appointment date when the experience is still fresh in their minds. To begin the survey, the customer simply clicks the link in the email they receive. All survey data is automatically collected and organized into easy-to-view reports. That way, you can quickly see what customers need and how satisfied they are.

  3. Make Customers Feel Appreciated with a Thank You Message and Incentive

    A thank you email with the coupon or special promotion is sent out to the customer after they submit the completed survey. Customers know their feedback was successfully submitted and the incentive increases repeat business. Incentives and consistent communication build loyalty, keeping customers engaged. The message should have a call to action that enables customers to click a link and provide a recommendation or review. You can use these reviews to promote your veterinary services.

  4. Follow Up with Customers Who Are Not Satisfied

    A message is sent out to all customers who complete the survey, letting them know that their feedback is being looked at. Identify customers who are not happy with your services. Follow up with as many of these customers as possible. It is important to learn why they are not satisfied and what could be done to improve their experience.

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