Get Clients Started Easily

Get Clients Started Easily

Get Clients Started Easily


  • When a user registers for a managed service there is a lot of information that must be both sent and received to ensure the process is completed properly. For the customer, they must be provided with a list of items required to start and the provider must ensure all documents and details have been provided prior to the startĀ of service.

We Can Help

  • Provide start-up details to clients
  • Ensure clients are informed
  • Improve early experiences

Here's How

By creating an automated process, you can use signup forms to ensure all proper information is communicated in a timely manner so that expectations can be met.

  1. Create Signup Forms

    Create a signup form for each managed service you offer. Tailor each form to ask for specific information required to complete each service.

  2. Automatically Follow Up

    Based on the answers clients provide in the initial form, automatically send them additional forms that need to be completed.

  3. Confirm You Received Their Information

    Once you have gathered all the required information for that service, automatically send clients a confirmation email with any further instructions or expectations you may have.

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