Get Feedback from Clients

Get Feedback from Clients

Get Feedback from Clients


  • As a financial advisor, the advice that you give clients can seriously affect their monetary livelihood. Whether its giving them ideas of stocks to invest in or letting them know how their RRSP is doing, you want to be sure that you're doing a great job for your clients. Feedback is important, but how can you get it without resorting to the time-intensive process of asking all of your clients individually?

We Can Help

  • Get feedback from clients
  • Leverage existing contacts

Here's How

Using your existing client contact information, you can send out a feedback survey to your clients shortly after your next newsletter. Doing this ensures that you are top of mind with your clients and they will already be thinking of you when you ask for feedback.

  1. Import Client Contact Information

    You can use an inbound API to insert your existing client contact information into a marketing automation platform. This is useful if you only want to use certain fields, or otherwise have sensitive information you want to keep in one place.

  2. Send Newsletter

    You can create an email campaign to send a newsletter featuring what you or your company has been up to, or any notable industry tips. People will always care about their financial status, so you can leverage that fact to provide a deeper connection; you can even go so far as to personalize emails using a merge tag, so everyone will receive one that is addressed to them.

  3. Deliver a Feedback Survey

    A day after you send out your newsletter, you can follow it up with a feedback survey asking for your clients' opinions on your performance. Since you are providing a valuable service, your clients will be very interested in ensuring your continued success, and therefore, theirs.

  4. Assign a Tag

    In the contact relationship manager, you can assign a tag to everyone who has completed the feedback survey. This allows you to quickly see who you've received feedback from, and who you still need to follow up with.

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