Have Quarterly Financial Updates

Have Quarterly Financial Updates

Have Quarterly Financial Updates


  • It's crucial to keep your clients up to date on all aspects of the finances they have entrusted with you or your partners. From updates as to how their investments have been doing to general quarterly updates for upcoming opportunities, keeping in touch with your customers at the right time, on the most effective method of communication is key. How can you implement an efficient solution to make this process as efficient as possible?

We Can Help

  • Keep clients informed
  • Easily send updates
  • Ensure messages go out on time

Here's How

Using marketing automation, you can send quarterly updates to your customers based on their existing interests with you, through their preferred method of communication.

  1. Introduce the New Update Option

    Send an initial email to all existing clients to let them know of the new option to receive quarterly updates. In this email, link them to a Preferences Form so they can update their details and specify their preferred way to be contacted.

  2. Obtain Clients' Preferences

    Clients who specify their communication preference (email, SMS, voice) will receive updates on that method of communication. Clients will also receive specific content based on their interests automatically on a quarterly basis. Sending these updates only requires that you update the templates with new information every quarter.

  3. SMS Clients Have an Additional Option

    If a client chooses SMS, they will receive a bonus Feedback survey. Those that score satisfaction with a 1 out of 5 will be marked for individual follow-up automatically.

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