Hospital: Code Grey

Hospital: Code Grey

Hospital: Code Grey


  • Medical institutions face several challenges when it comes to managing code grey scenarios, such as actively monitoring the effects of the utility loss and communicating with key stakeholders and managing responses.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of a Code Grey use case, a system which allows medical institutions to alert staff when utilities go down, and then reach out to staff to in order to assess where issues have arisen as a result.

We Can Help

  • Send alerts to all staff when needed, or a subset of available on-call staff
  • Ensure all staff are made aware of a utility loss
  • Analyze reports during incident review

Here's How

SimplyCast’s Code Grey use case aims to help hospitals to ensure that their code grey response can be as swift and effective as possible. By making use of digital technology, code grey alerts and responses can be streamlined into a central dashboard.

  1. Alerts

    Alerting staff quickly, especially those supporting high-risk patients, ensures the fastest possible response to an outage.

  2. Live Surveys

    Live surveying to monitor where issues are arising, which can take in both multiple choice and more complex responses.

  3. Reporting

    Powerful and consistent reports keep an effective log of messages received and sent, including when those messages were sent or received, making review of the response after an all clear easier.

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