Hospital: Code Yellow

Hospital: Code Yellow


  • Code yellow incidents require an effective, organized search, and are best conducted as soon as possible when a patient is discovered to be missing.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of a Code Yellow use case, a process which ensures all staff are made aware of the need to search for a missing patient. Using this solution, hospitals can launch alerts to all staff to ensure that the incident is resolved without issue.

We Can Help

  • Send alerts to all staff or a subset of available on-call staff
  • Launch pre-defined emergency response plans
  • Ensure all necessary staff are made aware of a code yellow as soon as possible

Here's How

By utilizing alerts, surveys and response tracking to identify areas a missing patient could be, the search for them can be easily coordinated and the search progress tracked.

  1. Alerting Staff

    When a code yellow incident is launched by an administrator, they can launch a pre-defined event which includes all the required steps of a code yellow response.

  2. Search Tracking

    As staff search the immediate area, they can respond to alerts to confirm that they have searched their assigned area, as well as indicate if they have discovered the missing patient.

  3. Search Monitoring

    During an active code yellow incident, administrators can monitor responses from staff as they come in. When searches of a given area are complete, staff can be redirected as needed to other key search locations.

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