Hospitality Shift Management

Hospitality Shift Management


  • Managing shifts in the hospitality industry can be complex and time consuming to the point of managers being unable to call in staff when needed and workloads increasing on staff. This is a contributing factor to fewer people wanting to work in hospitality. A faster way of communicating with workers is necessary.

    SimplyCast presents the Hospitality Shift Management use case, a complete solution that makes it easy for managers to contact their staff to fill necessary roles as quickly as possible.

We Can Help

  • Maintain an accurate record of staff contact information
  • Keep records of the roles each staff member can fill
  • Instantly find workers to fill shifts

Here's How

By making use of a specialized recall management tool to keep track of on-call workers, managers can ensure they can be activated or called in with minimal risk of overstaffing.

  1. Contact Information

    An easy-to-complete digital form allows for quick entry or updating of staff information. It can be as simple as letting staff scan a QR code to fill in their new information – or it can be limited to being updated only by a manager.

  2. Categorize Staff

    When contact details are recorded, the system can also log the role of each worker. It can then use that information to categorize the worker into a list specific to that type of worker.

  3. Call Staff

    Calling staff is the easiest part – because they’re already categorized, the solution can be configured to call and text everyone who can fill the role needed. When workers get the call, they can press a number on their dial pad or text back to confirm whether or not they can fill the shift.

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Use Case Identification for Hospitality Shift Management

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