Improve New Patient Registration

Improve New Patient Registration

Improve New Patient Registration - Simplify Patient Signup


  • When a new patient visits your clinic or practice you need to gather a lot of information from them. Being able to do this quickly will keep your practice more efficient.

We Can Help

  • Simplify new patient signup
  • Make it easy to register
  • Record new patients

Here's How

Provide clinic staff a form to register new patients who come into the office by taking their details. Based on their visit type send them specific information about their visit and condition while providing the same generic information for all patient types.

  1. Build a Form for Staff to Complete Post-visit

    Create a form in SimplyCast 360 using the drag-and-drop tools. Provide this form to staff to complete with new patient information such as contact information, medical conditions, and items they were treated for.

  2. Send Personalized Thank Yous

    After the patient leaves their appointment, automatically follow up with them. Based on the information gathered from the previous form, they will be given information specific to their condition as well as generic information.

  3. Stay in Touch with Patients

    Send monthly, automatic emails to patients that contain information specific to their conditions.

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