Increase Donations

Increase Donations

Increase Donations


  • Regardless of the type of non-profit, one of the biggest call-to-actions is the Donation button. Different organizations display this call-to-action in various places on their website and marketing material with an effort to get visitors and readers to donate to a good cause. Doing this manually can be a time-consuming task for non-profit staff, so how can you make the process more efficient or everyone?

We Can Help

  • Improve donation process management
  • Save time by using automation
  • Leverage communication tools

Here's How

Using SimplyCast automation tools, you can create a fully automated donation process which also handles visitors and readers who wish to become recurring donors.

  1. Start with a Standard Signup Form

    Using a signup form you can include things like donor levels. As you start to get more and more donors, you can then create follow-up campaigns based on the amount of money the donor gives. The form should be short and to the point, only collecting the most basic information you need. People do not like filling out long forms. Be sensitive to this.

  2. Send a Follow-up Message

    After a donor has made a donation, send them a message letting them know that the donation has been received. This is a perfect opportunity for sharing your cause. It is always important to include a share button in this message, donors will be able to share the fact that they have donated to the cause and the word of mouth is beneficial to you.

  3. Ask Donors to be Recurring Donors

    If donors choose to be recurring donors, the system will automatically send them down a different process. This process, of course, thanks them for the donation and promotes sharing. But, at this point, you should present them with another form, where they can fill out the rest of the information you need to create a donor profile.

  4. Continue Communication

    It is ideal that at the end of a recurring or single donor process, you move donors into a monthly communication flow. You can do this by using the Newsletter Flow.

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