Inform Travelers of Destination Information

Inform Travelers of Destination Information

Inform Travelers of Destination Information


  • When a passenger is traveling to your airport, they're probably unfamiliar with the particulars of the surrounding area. As visitors to your location, how can you ensure that they receive pertinent information, regardless of if they're staying for hours or weeks?

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  • Share local area information
  • Make information easily accessible

Here's How

Providing passengers with information such as the locations of local hotels and attractions, or even general area information such as weather, while they're still on a flight is a practical and convenient way to ensure that passengers have all of the knowledge they need. Providing this information via an SMS ensures that there is no internet or other external network needed except a cell phone data connection.

  1. Shortcode Opt-In

    During the boarding process, you can give passengers the ability to opt-in by texting a shortcode with the name of their destination city. They will then be sent a confirmation SMS, listing the various kinds of information that is available to them through other keywords, such as HOTELS, ATTRACTIONS, or INFORMATION, and any additional instructions that may be required.

  2. Deliver Information En-Route

    As soon as someone texts one of the given shortcode keywords, they will be automatically sent the required information. If, for example, someone wanted to learn about hotel options in Toronto, they could text TORONTO HOTELS to the shortcode. By providing this information in such a way, you can ensure that patrons of your airport can get where they need to go efficiently.

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