Integrate Your Signup Process to Send Automated Messages

Integrate Your Signup Process to Send Automated Messages

Integrate Your Signup Process to Send Automated Messages


  • Customers visit many food retailing industries, such as supermarkets, on a regular basis. Keeping customers engaged and informed is important to ensure they keep coming back. Food retailing companies typically notify their customers through flyers and other mail processes. However, with customers with busy schedules, how can companies leverage the use of accounts with personalized rewards and activities to boost customer engagement?

We Can Help

  • Keep customers engaged
  • Send timely information
  • Use automation to respond to requests

Here's How

By using the SimplyCast API, you can capture and interact with newly registered customers. The system will immediately send out messages to the customer welcoming them to your organization. Based on the information the customer has entered on the registration form the customer will receive any news that may have missed if they signed up during the middle of a mail out process. Now that the customer is registered, they will begin to receive regularly targeted messages from you.

  1. Get Your Information into the System

    Using the SimplyCast API, send any new registration information to the SimplyCast system. Once the system detects a new customer, they will automatically be sent a welcome email that asks them to confirm their registration. Once they confirm, the API will communicate to your database that the customer is confirmed.

  2. Send Out Information Customers Missed

    When a customer signs up, they have the option to select what communications they want to receive: weekly flyer, monthly food news, or both. Depending on what information a customer has signed up for, they will be sent an email called "Did you miss?" so they are up to date with your company's information.

  3. Add Customers to the Ongoing Campaign

    After customers have received the "Did you miss?" emails they will be added to the ongoing campaign. In this campaign customers will continue to receive the communications they signed up for automatically.

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