Let Customers Quickly Report Utility Issues

Let Customers Quickly Report Utility Issues

Let Customers Quickly Report Utility Issues


  • Simplifying the process of reporting utility issues (outages, downed power lines, fallen trees obstructing a line, non-functioning street lights), can help reduce phone wait times and increase customer satisfaction. How can utility companies easily streamline this reporting process without creating extra work for employees?

We Can Help

  • Simplify outage reporting
  • Use SMS to streamline the reporting process

Here's How

Using SMS shortcodes optimizes the issue reporting process. The SMS reporting process reduces the time support staff spend on the phone. Customers can quickly text a shortcode to the power company and a technician will follow up about the issue if needed.

  1. Set Up a Simple Reporting Process

    Create an SMS shortcode process for each issue using drag-and-drop functionality. Issues in this case are represented by the keywords OUTAGE, TREE, POLE, and LIGHT. You can send a different response message to each customer based on their SMS response.

  2. Capture Issue Information Quickly

    A customer texts a specific keyword, such as POLE, to a shortcode.

  3. Respond Immediately to Customers

    A thank you message is sent back to the customer letting them know that their issue has been registered and providing them with an estimated response time. The message that the customer receives in response depends on what keyword they text in.

  4. Get Instant Issue Notifications for Follow-ups

    The issue is registered in the system based on the keyword. A notification is sent to the customer service team so they may contact the customer if more information is needed.

  5. Personally Follow Up with Customers

    If more information is required about the issue, the customer service representative calls the customer. They may then notify a technician about the issue. The SMS process simplifies reporting and reduces phone wait times.

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