Keep Clients Updated

Keep Clients Updated

Keep Clients Updated


  • The stock market is a cornerstone of the economy, and with many stocks experiencing gains and losses on a daily basis, your clients may want to know more about how their stocks are doing beyond merely what they open or close at. These numbers may give a good general indication of how stocks are performing, but the actual activity what your clients are interested in happens during the day. How can you ensure that your clients are updated about changes in the market in one convenient place?

We Can Help

  • Inform clients about stock market fluctuations
  • Send out regular emails about stocks that are relevant to clients

Here's How

Using conditional formatting, you can ensure that your clients receive emails that contain the information that is most relevant to them on a given day. Through its use, you can automate regular, self-sustaining updates as to the buoyancy of one or multiple stocks within the market.

  1. Gather Information From a Form

    Your clients can fill out a form that allows them to provide an email address and specify which stocks they are most interested in receiving data about. The number of answers from any given client gives you an idea of how long to make your email, so as to best capture their attention without being overly long.

  2. Assign Tags in the CRM

    By assigning tags to clients based on their form answers, you can easily tell at a glance who is interested in what information, rather than having to sort through other communications or records.

  3. Send Stock Performance Email

    Provided you have formatted the email in advance, you can choose to automatically send it to the relevant parties once you have entered the stocks' daily performance. As conditional formatting allows you to customize which email blocks a client receives, this allows you to send an email specific to that portfolio without any of the work of creating individual communications.

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