Keep Students and Faculty in the Loop

Keep Students and Faculty in the Loop

Keep Students and Faculty in the Loop


  • When a serious emergency effects the campus, both students and faculty alike need to be alerted so they can take proper steps to ensure their safety. Emergencies can range from weather closures to much more extreme scenarios like an armed presence on campus or fires.

We Can Help

  • Keep students up to date during emergencies
  • Inform faculty
  • Send alerts automatically

Here's How

In order to ensure all students and faculty are informed, SimplyCast suggests an emergency notification system that is customized to alert the contact on their preferred method of communication as specified through the emergency contact form. Recipients are asked to confirm that they received the message. If confirmation is not received the next method of communication is attempted until all methods have been exhausted.

  1. Gather Contact Information

    Have all students and faculty complete an emergency contact form that asks if they would prefer email, SMS, or phone as their primary method of communication. When an emergency scenario occurs, an emergency email, SMS, and voice broadcast are created using templates.

  2. Contact Students and Faculty Through Several Channels of Communication

    The emergency contact list is loaded into the SimplyCast 360 campaign. Based on preferences from the emergency contact form, students are contacted on their first preferred contact method.

  3. Get Confirmation from Students and Faculty

    Users who click the link stating that they understand and have received the email are halted from the process immediately. Users who reply to the SMS with "I understand" are also halted from the process immediately. If someone did not respond, they would be contacted through other forms of communication. A list of users who did not confirm receipt are collected in a list.

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