Identify Leads and Generate New Business Referrals

Identify Leads and Generate New Business Referrals

Identify Leads and Generate New Business Referrals


  • It is important to qualify leads based on their level of interest and interaction. Otherwise, sales and marketing teams do not know who they should reach out to. Qualifying leads can be challenging and time consuming, so how can you make sure that you are able to qualify these leads as efficiently as possible, without using up key resources?

We Can Help

  • Score and identify high-value leads
  • Hand-off qualified leads
  • Find new product opportunities

Here's How

Collecting information about a lead through their email interactions enables you to build up a detailed personal profile about the lead. Marketing automation helps you send them personally targeted emails based on their interests. By acting on scores, tags and customer interaction, you can drive the leads who are the most engaged through to your teams.

  1. Set Up a Simple Nurturing Process

    Create a general nurture process using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. You may include lead scoring and tagging, as well as a trigger to alert sales representatives to hot leads. When a lead visits specific pages on your website, they are tagged to show you what they are interested in. The lead is also scored based on their website activity so your sales team can easily gauge who is truly interested.

  2. Quickly Capture Leads and Keep Them Interested

    Gather leads from an already active email campaign or send out a new email with a promotional offer. If you are using an existing email campaign, you can connect this campaign to your new lead nurturing campaign. If a lead clicks the offer link in the qualification email, they receive the offer information. Email promotions have a high ROI and a low cost. Once you gain a new email subscriber, keep them interested by sending out tips and tricks, educational information, coupons, birthday discounts, and more. Marketing automation helps you reach out to each lead with well-timed, relevant emails.

  3. Save Time by Qualifying Leads Automatically

    Spending time on leads who are not interested uses resources unnecessarily. Leads are scored and tagged accordingly based on your specifications. This process helps you learn which leads your sales team should focus on. If a lead clicks your promotional offer link, this qualifies them. In other words, they are interested. When a lead is qualified, an update is sent to the sales representative so they are aware of the lead.

  4. Easily Identify Hot Leads and Their Interests

    Once the lead is qualified as interested, they continue to be tracked. Web tracking builds up a personal profile for each lead. The lead continues to receive targeted email newsletters and offers based on their interactions. If the lead does not open your emails, your sales representative receives an update so they can follow up. They can then send the lead a re-engagement email to try to get them interested again.

  5. Nurture Leads with Personalized Content

    As leads interact with your emails, you will learn what interests them. You can then nurture them through to conversion (purchase, download, etc.) with personally targeted messages. Your team will spend less time going after leads who are not interested and more time connecting with truly hot leads.

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