Make Gym Signup and Newsletters Easier

Make Gym Signup and Newsletters Easier

Make Gym Signup and Newsletters Easier


  • Signing up to a gym is a huge decision. With this comes many choices. Sports and gym facilities need a way to simplify this process and make sure to give their members all the information they need to get started.

We Can Help

  • Optimize the signup process
  • Engage members
  • Acknowledge new members

Here's How

Use email and form tools to get customers into the flow. Right out of the box the communication automation will get you moving to ensure a streamlined process. You can publish this same signup form on your website, and on social media pages and posts to boost your coverage.

  1. Create a Form

    Create a short form for new gym clients to fill out but keep it short; you do not want to create a form that takes too long to fill out. Simply get the top level information about the customer, like name and email.

  2. Have a Follow-up Form

    Your first form should send out an automatic message, letting the customer know that you've received their application. Here you can also send out a long form to the client, giving them the opportunity to take time to fill out the long application form. Even though we refer to the form as long here, it still should not be overly long. Get some more information, like: interested classes, fitness goals, current activities, and interests in eating plans.

  3. Send an Acknowledgement Message

    When the client submits the long form, another acknowledgement message should be sent out thanking the new member for filling it out. Immediately after sending the acknowledgement message, a task for your facility staff to follow up with a phone call and take this opportunity to find out more information about the client.

  4. Continue to Engage Interested Members

    If the client chooses to move forward, staff can tag them as signed up. For clients who go from interested to signed up, you should add them to your members list and move them into your newsletter and monthly mail out flows (we spoke about this type of flow in a previous use case - General Nurturing and Sales Notification). If the member is not interested, tag them as not signed up so that communication stops at this point.

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