Make Your Political Messages Resonate

Make Your Political Messages Resonate


  • Getting your political messages heard by voters who are saturated with emails, TV ads and flyers is important to running a successful political campaign. How can you connect with voters in a more convenient, more effective way?

We Can Help

  • Make your messages stand out
  • Excite voters
  • Send quick SMS messages

Here's How

Use SMS as an immediate, engaging, convenient way to effectively connect with voters. Personally targeted engagement campaigns drive advocacy and trust.

  1. Set Up a Simple SMS Signup Process

    Create an SMS shortcode process using the SimplyCast 360 drag-and-drop tool. You can send relevant information to each lead, and each lead will receive a different flow of messages based on their interests.

  2. Capture Voters with Information at Their Fingertips

    Voters text the keyword VOTER to a shortcode. The voter immediately gets a welcome message from the party leader. Over 90% of text messages are opened within three minutes of being received, unlike emails which may go unread completely. Text messages are quick and convenient for voters on the go.

  3. Automatically Organize Voters with Personal Profiles

    Once a voter texts in, they are registered by the system. Each voter has a personal profile in the CRM and is entered into the appropriate communication flow. This means that each voter will receive a specific set of messages based on their interactions with your messages. Voter information is stored and can be updated at any time.

  4. Nurture Each Voter Based on Personal Interests

    As each interaction is tracked, you learn more about voters' needs and interests. Voters are sent through a specific message flow based on their responses. If they are interested in your economic policy, they will get text messages about that. If they want to learn about your stance on global warming, they will be sent political messages about your environmental plans. You decide how the messages are sent out but your team doesn't have to spend time manually connecting with each voter. You can create time delays to spread out the messages that each lead receives. Timed messages keep voters engaged so they don't feel abandoned.

  5. Attract More Voters on Election Day

    Timed reminders go out to each voter as election day approaches so they don't forget the time or date. Personalized political messages are sent to each voter based on their location, alerting them to the closest polling station.

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