New Account Onboarding for Banking

New Account Onboarding for Banking


  • Many banks or similar financial institutions use a manual process to onboard clients after they open accounts with them. The most common practice is to provide clients with a brochure or similar documents, however because of the one-way nature of such documents, a relationship isn’t established.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of an automated New Bank Account Onboarding use case, a process leveraging digital engagement technologies to allow bank staff to send a series of new account onboarding messages to clients; track how clients are responding to these messages; and allow clients to respond if they need help or have feedback.

We Can Help

  • Automate early communications
  • Ensure a customized approach
  • Gather early feedback from new accounts

Here's How

The New Bank Account Onboarding solution provides a simple way for banks to minimize the effort to provide a personalized onboarding service to all clients. The solution takes away a significant portion of manual tasks from the bank staff (e.g., sending messages and tracking them manually), saving time and resources.

  1. Create Onboarding Messages

    The bank staff creates a series of pre-built new account onboarding messages that will be sent to new clients automatically.

  2. New Clients Open Accounts

    Whenever a new client opens a new bank account, the templates are triggered to send by the solution.

  3. Send Personalized Message

    The solution pulls data from the client’s contact record, automatically personalizing the templated messages and sends a personalized copy of each onboarding message at a regular interval.

  4. Receive Feedback

    Clients also receive a feedback request that allows them to fill out a digital form to provide feedback, ask questions, or provide service suggestions.

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