Nurture Tourists with a Drip Campaign

Nurture Tourists with a Drip Campaign


  • People love visiting resorts, where all of their needs are taken care of and they can leave the stresses of their everyday lives, if only for a moment. However, resort owners are left to take on the burden of creating an enjoyable experience, and given much of tourism marketing is word of mouth, smaller destinations may not be able to compete with more established ones. How can a resort better grow its clientele?

We Can Help

  • Attract resort-goers
  • Personalize communications
  • Prepare communications in advance

Here's How

By allowing potential resort-goers to sign up for information on their website, a resort can then automate emails to these interested parties at specified periods, showing off the atmosphere and illustrating their specific advantages. One of the advantages of a drip campaign is that it could theoretically go on forever.

  1. Create a Signup Form

    By placing a signup form on a website, resorts can allow people who have any interest whatsoever in a destination to get regular updates. This not only allows a resort to send information about promotions and other happenings, but also to highlight what makes them unique among other destinations in their area.

  2. Send the Initial Email

    After a delay, a transactional email can be send thanking people for their interest in a resort. By not displaying the greatest or most interesting features up front, a resort can slowly build a relationship with a tourist and use these aspects of their business as leverage as the campaign continues.

  3. Send Follow-up Emails

    A drip campaign is contingent on sending multiple emails, whether at pre-determined intervals or dynamically based on the time of the initial signup. The further along a tourist travels through a campaign, the more interested they’ll be in staying at a resort.

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