Open House and Campus Tour Registration

Open House and Campus Tour Registration

Open House and Campus Tour Registration


  • The management of open houses and campus tours can be a messy process involving tasks such as trying to keep track of who is supposed to be present, splitting off and re-grouping, and evaluating the overall success of the event through various measures.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of the Open House and Campus Tour Registration use case, a complete solution for making it easy for prospective students to sign up for open houses and tours, as well as making the management of such events much simpler.

We Can Help

  • Ensure prospective students attend open house and campus tour events
  • Nurture attendants after events
  • Simplify the management of tour groups and open house attendees

Here's How

By utilizing online forms and reminder emails along with timing delays and decisions, the solution ensures that more appointments booked are kept, in turn generating higher successful recruitments of students.

  1. Event Registration

    An easy-to-complete online form allows prospective students and their families to sign up ahead of time and can be customized to fit any institution’s specific needs.

  2. Event Reminders

    After signing up, a reminder can be scheduled to go out ahead of the event. Exactly when this reminder is sent can be changed on a case-by-case basis – it can even be customized to send a reminder to international students earlier than it does for local students.

  3. Mid-Event Tasks

    An alerting tool can allow alerts to be sent to those attending an open house or campus tour in order to help with re-grouping if the group splits up for any reason.

  4. Automatic Follow-up

    After the campus tour or open house event, it can be extremely helpful for recruiters to have an automatic message sent to prospective students in order to keep those students nurtured along their journey.

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