Open Position Application

Open Position Application

Open Position Application


  • When open job positions need to be filled, hiring managers often need to sort through many applications. After reviewing these applications, the managers then need to decide who to move on to interviews and track all applicants over the course of the hiring process.

    SimplyCast presents the idea of the Open Position Application use case, a complete solution for allowing hiring managers to easily process new applications for open positions.

We Can Help

  • Keep a record of all applications.
  • Allow hiring managers to easily sort out invalid applications.
  • Track applicants over the course of the hiring process.

Here's How

By collecting applicant data and building a database for the Human Resources team, and automatically sorting applicants, Human Resources specialists can schedule interviews quicker with viable candidates. The solution also handles declines automatically.

  1. Application Form

    A digital form allows applicants to submit all the necessary information and can allow for them to easily upload their resume, CV, and other key information.

    When completed, applicants are also added to a tracking pipeline to show the stages of all applications across the hiring process.

  2. Automatic Sorting

    When an application comes in, automatic sorting can remove applications that don’t meet the necessary requirements for a role, such as being unable to work in the region where the role is based. This criteria can easily be updated based on the position(s) as needed.

  3. Interview Scheduling

    Once an application has been sorted, the hiring manager has the chance to either decline or progress the application to the interview stage. Once a decision is made, automation tools will inform the applicant as to what decision has been made.

  4. Declined Messages

    At many points in this process, an application may be declined either automatically or manually. When this happens, an email can be configured to send to the applicant to let them know their application has been declined.

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