Personalized Alumni Communications

Personalized Alumni Communications


  • You have dozens of reasons to be communicating with alumni and that means there are a lot of emails going out. If these are all handled by a person or a team of people, it’s likely that there are days when they don’t really do anything else. Therefore, a system that can personalize each message and really make alumni feel valued by their school can be highly effective for alumni communication.

    SimplyCast’s automated Personalized Alumni Communication use case allows universities to streamline their alumni communication processes.

We Can Help

  • Make alumni feel valued
  • Personalize messages
  • Reduce the time it takes to manage outreach to alumni

Here's How

By personalizing messages and adapting to user input through automation tools, this solution improves your messaging and rapport with alumni.

  1. Alumni Database

    Alumni outreach begins with a database of alumni to be reached out to and reminder messages being set up to ensure contact information remains up to date and current.

  2. Create Content

    Messages can be customized with visual elements to make the communications more attention-grabbing. Also, multiple templates can be created to use for sending messages to different subgroups of alumni, such as science students, arts students, and so on.

  3. Personalize Messages

    Once the solution is set up, sending can begin, starting with these personalized messages. From buttons in emails that lead the alumni to a signup form to SMS alerts that remind the alumnus of an upcoming event, everything can be personalized to them.

  4. Reports

    Track responses, or lack thereof, to refine your approach. Even an unopened email is in a way, a response. A lack of engagement tells you when there is a problem with the message. Perhaps it was not relevant, or the alumnus received too many messages in a short amount of time.

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