Personally Follow Up with Donors

Personally Follow Up with Donors


  • Following up with alumni after they donate to say thanks will hopefully increase engagement and increase the chances of repeat donations. How can you facilitate the creation and sending of these messages without making more work for your staff?

We Can Help

  • Reduce the time it takes to follow up with donors
  • Increase donations
  • Personalize communications

Here's How

Connect with donors through personalized thank yous and follow-ups by using personalized follow-up messages to personally engage donors and automating the reminder process to elicit continued donations.

  1. Immediately Thank Donors and Follow Up

    After going through the Alumni Communication flow, an alumnus is transferred to the Education Donation flow after filling out the donation form. As soon as they donate, they receive a confirmation and thank you message. Once the donation has been processed, they receive an official receipt.

  2. Keep Donors Engaged with Personalized VIP Messages

    After an alumnus donates, they will begin to receive VIP messages. These are personalized messages based on the fact that they donated. VIP messages usually include special alumni event invitations, congratulations on the anniversary of their graduation, personalized messages based on the amount they contributed, and more. You can either send donors your regular alumni messages with personalized details based on their individual profiles, or you can have an entirely separate flow of messages for donors.

  3. Gain More Donations with Simple Reminders

    Often, after donating once, an alumnus simply forgets to contribute again. A friendly reminder keeps the school in the thoughts of the alumnus. These messages thank the alumnus for their continued support and ask if they have included the school in their giving plans for this year.

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