Provide Automatic Updates and Schedules

Provide Automatic Updates and Schedules


  • When members sign up to your facility, offering a bit of a personal touch is key to keeping their business. Sports facilities need to keep class numbers above a certain number to ensure that the classes continue to be offered.

We Can Help

  • Keep clients updated
  • Ensure clients stay engaged

Here's How

Use communication automation to send out reminders each day of the week for the day's schedule. Keeping in the know is key. You can customize these messages based on the classes your members have signed up for.

  1. Set up a Trigger for Messages

    Start off using our repeating trigger option to schedule messages based on a given day of the week. This means that clients will receive messages on days applicable to their activities or you can send out a daily schedule of events. Based on the member's communication choice, you can send out SMS or email messages with the updates.

  2. Develop your Messages

    Create the content for your messages. The message should be brief as it is only a reminder to your members of the weekly schedule. The message can be designed to only send schedule information about the classes each member has signed up for but you can drive other class sign ups by including information about the other classes in the message.

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